Constitution of Aloia


August 13, 1852


January 10, 1853


Saint Scholastica Royal Library,


Saint Petersburg Convention

The Constitution of the United Kingdom of Aloia is the supreme law of Aloia. The Constitution is the document from which each of Aloia's political institutions are derived and the final standard against which all Aloian laws are judged. 

The Constitution came about as a result of the Constitutional Convention of 1850, which actually lasted from 1850 to 1853. The Convention followed the Aloian Civil War, a conflict between the three major language groups of Aloia, the Swedes, the Germans, and the English. By 1850, it became obvious that the country was essentially acting as three separate states and all three parties came together to write a unifying document. 

The Constitution established three separate branches of government, one led by the Chancellor, one led by the Legislature, and one led by the Supreme Court. All the branches are governed and led by the Monarch. Even today, Queen Victoria officially appoints the Chancellor and legislators after elections. 

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