The legality of alcohol is a varied topic, ranging from the topic of legal drinking age, to the legality of alcohol consumption itself. These topics vary by country.

Country Alcohol consumption legal Alcohol possession legal Home-production of alcohol legal Sale of homemade alcohol legal Minimum legal drinking age
Aloia x 18
Arveyres ✓, with license ✓, with license 18 (20 in Alhambra)
Duresia ✓, with license 18 for beer and wine, 20 for stronger alcohol
Eurasia ✓, with license ✓, with license No minimum for consumption, 16 for purchase
Kaevi ✓, with license in Lisoone ✓, with license in Lisoone 17
Saint Beñat and Argiñe ✓, beer and wine only ✓, beer and wine only ✓, beer and wine only ✓, with license for beer and wine only 25

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