Alessia by lady nerevar-d8oa2gp

Alessia the Blessed, Queen of the Sundered Throne.

Alessia (Eurasian: Alessia; Dovahzul: Alesia), also called Queen of the Sundered Throne and Alessia the Chosen was a mortal woman who in pre-Laurentine Eurasia founded the Deosian religion and the worship of the Eight Divines. Alessia lead a slave revolt against the Ayleids, freeing the Laurentine Isle. She is revered as a holy figure in both Mos Maiorum, where she is considered a daughter of Minerva, and in Novem Deos, where she is considered a saint.

Alessia is said to have made a covenant with the god Akatosh who, taking pity upon the plight of the Raetic peoples, drew blood from his own heart and forged for her the Amulet of the Sundered Throne, which is said to have imbued her with divine power to drive the Ayleids from the isle. Alessia founded the Sundered Kingdom, which though powerful under her reign collapsed following the loss of the Amulet. Alessia is considered to have aided, indirectly, in the founding of the Laurentine Republic and thereby the Eurasian Empire.

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