Alexander V
Emperor Alexander V in 1984


February 3, 1969 - March 15, 2010


February 5, 1969


Konrad VI

Heir Apparent



Christina ver Wulzbaden

Royal house



Konrad VI


Sophia de Terdeu


Beatrice of New Tarajan


Roman Catholicism

Alexander V (Alexander Karl August Teoderic Silvio Maria ver Hohenzbrock; born 30 July, 1935 in Calabasas, Arveyres ; deceased November 30 2016 in Hohenzbrock, Duresia) was the Emperor of Duresia and head of the Royal House of Hohenzbrock.

Alexander was born during the period of Duresian Nationalism during the Great War. His parents, Konrad VI and Queen Sophia returned to Duresia following the stabilization of the country in 1948, when he was 13 yeras old. During his time in Arveyres, Alexander attended a private school in the Calabasas; there he learned Ascanian, Lyrian, and Arveyran.

As a ruler, Alexander was known for being a socially liberal and benevolent king, mostly known for his support of LGBT rights in Duresia, allowing same-sex unions in 1983. He was a lawyer by education and holds a doctorate degree of law. He was also a polyglot, being able to converse in Lyrian, Ascanian, Arveyran, Eurasian, and Ivanian, fluently.

Alexander's full title is By the Grace of God, Defender of Faith, Emperor Alexander V Karl August Teoderic Silvio Maria ver Hoensbroek, Ruler of Lyria, Ascania, the Arensian Islands, and Saradesia, Emperor of Duresia.

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