Green cross

The first verse is believed to have been inspired by the green and white Flag of Aloia, which bears the Christian cross.

"All Glory Be to Christ" is the national anthem of the Kingdom of Aloia. The song was adopted in 1837, as part of the festivities of Queen Victoria Augusta's coronation.

The song is to the popular tune, "Auld Lang Syne." The original lyrics are said to have been written by King Gustavus Adolphus during his conquests of Texania in the 1620s and 1630s. They were rediscovered in 1831, around 200 years later after they were written. They were found in an old palace in Austinia that served as the Aloians crusaders' headquarters. The lyrics were updated and set to music, and the arrangement by David Norelius was first played as the official national anthem at the coronation of Queen Victoria Augusta.

While the song never specifically mentions Aloia, the song reflects the nation's deep Christian faith and natural beauty.

Official lyrics

Verse 1:

O’er fertile prairies, verdant green,
among the peaks of white,
the holy cross be lifted high,
All glory be to Christ! 
Verse 2:
In gilded cities, white and gold,
In the valleys, and the heights,
In fields and forests, may we sing,
All glory be to Christ! 
All glory be to Christ the King,
All glory be to Christ.
His rule and reign, we’ll ever sing,
All glory be to Christ! 
Verse 3:
Old man, young child, join to sing,
In your song, our Lord delights,
He is the one who for all died,
All glory be to Christ! 
Verse 4:
One day, our Lord, He will return,
Full of power and of might,
He'll lead us home in victory, 
All glory be to Christ! 
All glory be to the Christ the King,
All glory be to Christ,
He'll lead us home in victory,
All glory be to Christ!

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