Province of Almain
Flag of Almain





Almain (Arveyran: Aimane; Eurasian: Allemannes) is a province of the Kingdom of Arveyres. The city of Torres is the provincial capital and the largest city of the province of Almain. The estimated provincial population is 3,000,000. The official regional language of Almain other than Arveyran and Eurasian is English.

It is bordered to the north by Alhambra, to the northeast by Asturias, to the east by Andalusia, to the southeast by Malaga, and to the south by Salamanca. The coastline of Almain is a part of the English Coast, the Arveyran coast of the Baltic Sea (primarily the Bay of Biscay).

Almain was one of the earliest acquisitions of the Province of Judea (or simply, Arveyres during the Eurasian colonialization period). The Conquests of Almain began in 110 and were concludd in 137. Almain became a province in 139. Almain is well-known for having a large concentration of Saxon and English speakers, due to its cultural similarity to that of the Kingdom of Aloia. The staple of the Almanese economy is the timber and forestry industry, producing most of the exported lumber from all of Arveyres.

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