Aloia–Arveyres relations refers to the foreign relations between the Kingdom of Aloia and the Kingdom of Arveyres. The two countries are geographically close, sharing thousands of miles of borders, as well as being culturally and politically close. The two countries have never fought a war against each other and have always been on the same side or neutral in major conflicts. The royal families of both countries have extensively intermarried, with an Arveyran princess being the grandmother of the current Queen of Aloia, Victoria III.

Religiously, the countries are close as well. Lutheran Christianity spread into Arveyres and represents a major Christian force in Arveyres, with the current Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister both being Lutheran Arveyrans. In Aloia, Arveyres' major religion, Aetherism is recognized as a protected minority religion. The Aetra Mountains in Minnesota are home to a few Aetherist sacred sites and Aetherism is the largest non-Christian religion in Aloia.