Aloia–Marquette relations refers to the foreign relations between the Kingdom of Aloia and the Holy Orthodox Empire of Marquette. The two nations are geographically close to each other but are culturally quite different. Relations between the two countries have been strained for centuries, with Aloian objections to Marquetien treatment of Christians often being the center of conflict. Cooperation in the early 21st century has been getting better, though the nations continue to have a rocky relationship.

One major event that crippled Aloia-Marquette relations was the Great Drowning of 1856, known in Aloia as the Saint Francis Genocide. This event involved the government-enacted genocide of nearly 400,000 Christians living in Marquette. The entire populations of the cities of Cristela, Solomno, and Maranta were rounded up and drowned in the Saint Francis River. The event was met with horror by the overwhelmingly Christian populace of Aloia and continues to hamper attempts at cooperation between the countries. 

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