Aloian Armed Forces
Army coat
Coat of arms of the Aloian armed forces

Service branches

Aloian Army
Royal Aloian Navy
Royal Aloian Air Force


Gustaf XVI

Minister of Defense

The Honorable Beth Moore

Supreme Commander

General Joseph Taft


17 with parental permission, 18 for voluntary service. Maximum age for enlistment is 35 for the Army, 34 for the Navy, and 39 for the Air Force.

Available for service

24,423,347 males, age 18-49
23,980,656 females, age 18-49

Fit for military service

20,206,714 males, age 18-49
19,800,647 females, age 18-49

Reaching military age annually

720,575 males
685,228 females

Active personnel


Reserve personnel


The Aloian Armed Forces, formally The Defense, is the military organisation responsible for the defense of Aloia. It consists of three branches, the Aloian Army, which includes the Home Guard, the Royal Aloian Navy, which includes the Coast Guard, and the Royal Aloian Air Force, as well as several joint departments. The armed forces number 433,000 active duty personnel, with 270,000 reserve personnel. 

The armed forces are subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, led by Beth Moore. The formal commander-in-chief is King Gustaf XVI; however, the de facto commander-in-chief is Chief of Military Operations, General William Robbins. His staff is located at the Aloian Joint Headquarters in Wanamingo. The main naval base is at Augsburg Fortress, the main army camps are in Karlstad, Salina, and Manhattan, and the main air stations are Halle and Wanamingo. 

An organised military was first assembled in Svea in the 9th century and was early focused around naval warfare. The army was created in 1628, followed by two centuries of regular wars. An Aloian military was established in 1814. Aloia abandoned its position as a neutral country in 1949, as a result of the Great War. Since the 2000s, the military has transformed from a focus on defense from an invasion to a mobile force for international missions.