Aloian Army
Army coat
Coat of arms of the Aloian army


"This we'll defend."



Total strength

158,300 active duty personnel
180,000 reserve and Home Guard
338,300 total
1650 aircraft


Fort Riley, Manhattan, Konza


John Mark Nelson, Chancellor of Aloia

Minister of Defense

The Honorable Beth Moore

Secretary of the Army

The Honorable Horace Ahlberg

Chief of Army Operations

General Allen Falk

The Aloian Army is the second largest branch of the Aloian Armed Forces and performs land-based military operations. It is one of the three uniformed services of the Kingdom of Aloia. The modern Army has its roots in the standing armies maintained by the member cities of the Baltic League, Aloia's predecessor state. After the 1417 Peace of Halle, a common military was established. After the 1593 Uppsala Synod, the Baltic Army was renamed the Royal Aloian Army.

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