Aloian Civil War
Chancellor Ulysses Stephens announces victory to his troops at Christchurch.


10 January 1849 - 26 August 1849 (7 months, 16 days)


Konza, Minnesota, Svea, Wessex. Saxony


Annihilation of most rebel forces, Treaty of Christchurch, establishment of Zumbrota as capital of Aloia, 1853 Aloian Constitution


Kingdom of Aloia
Republic of Aloia

Commanders and leaders:

KOA: Queen Victoria Augusta
Chancellor Ulysses Stephens
General Anthony Decatur
ROA: President Lewis Zimmerman
General Johnathan Foxe

Casualties and losses:

KOA: 142,000
ROA: 353,000

The Aloian Civil War, otherwise referred to as the War of the Zumbro, was a conflict fought between the government of the Kingdom of Aloia and revolutionaries who declared themselves the Republic of Aloia. The conflict lasted only 7 months but was the bloodiest was fought on Aloian soil to date.

The war was fought mostly in the Zumbro River valley between the federal troops from southern Aloia and rebels from the rural north. The war started as a result of the election of Ulysses Stephens as Chancellor. German and Swedish leaders from Wessex, Constance, and Svea saw his election as an example of English dominance of the Kingdom and declared themselves to be the independent Republic of Aloia, surrounded on all sides by the Kingdom of Aloia. 

Queen Victoria Augusta and Chancellor Stephens deployed Royalist troops under the command of General Anthony Decatur to crush the uprising. Unfortunately, the rebels proved to be more organized and resourceful than the Royalists had expected and the war lasted a full 7 months and took almost 500,000 Aloian lives. The conflict ended after the rebel leaders had all been killed in battle. The remaining generals and troops retreated to Christchurch and surrendered there. Most were granted a royal pardon for their part in the rebellion and veterans from both sides went to Natal. One condition of the peace required the Queen to relocate her government to the city of Zumbrota, in the heart of the German states.