Altigantan Wars
Battle of Naamar
The surrender of the Antanaresian army after the Battle of Naamar, 1805, painted by Ulrich Van Gross


March 17, 1799 - August 15, 1815


Mainly Altiganta; New-Zealand, Ashar


Fall of Rudolf De Ruyter; recognition of New-Zealand independence; definition of Tarajani national borders


New Tarajan, Antanares, Duresia, Eurasia, New-Zealand

Commanders and Leaders

Kingdom of Tarajan: - Rudolf De Ruyter - King Conrad I - King Friederick Wilhelm I - King Conrad II

Principality of Antanares:

Empire of Eurasia: Emperor Junius III

Republic of New-Zealand - Vladimir Lenin

Kingdom of Duresia:

With the name of Altigantan Wars is commonly defined a long series of wars which erupted at the end of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX.

A main consequence of the Tarajani Liberal Revolution, the wars were rooted in the strong expansionist policies enacted by the Tarajani Kingdom under the rule of the ambitious Rudolf De Ruyter, directed to impose a direct or indirect rule over the whole continent of Altiganta. Such aggressiveness soon led to the re-emergence of the ancient economic and political rivalries between Tarajan and Antanares, soon paired by the New-Zealand War for Independence and a continuous conflict in Ashar, which made the conflict a sort of global one.

Although cause of terrible devastations, the Wars shaped Altiganta. Their end, after the victory of the Antanaresian army at the Battle of Grieshun, caused the fall of Rudolf De Ruyter, with the following reintegration of full powers to the Tarajani constitutional monarchy, and the recognition of New-Zealand independence by their old Tarajani overlords. But, more importantly, they also marked the first step toward the end of the long-standing rivalry between Tarajan and Antanares, with the definition of their shared borders, which found their definite accomodation after the Second Tarajani-Antanaresian War in the middle of XIX century. This renewed peace eventually led to the birth of the Tarajani-Antanaresian alliance which still exists nowadays.

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