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An artistic conception of the Amulet. It's true form has been lost to time.

The Amulet of the Sundered Throne (Eurasian: Crepundium Solii Perditis; Dovahzul: Yuvon do Junaar Krent; lit. Gold of the Broken Kingdom) was a jewel worn by the Alessian Queens of the Sundered Kingdom in pre-Laurentine Eurasia. It was believed by both Deosians and Maiorists to be divine, either in the former case imbued with the divine blood of Akatosh or in the latter case blessed by Jupiter. It served as the symbol of the monarchy.

The amulet was lost at an unknown point in history, during a time which marked the decline of the Sundered Kingdom. Following its collapse, the Ayleids reinvaded the peninsula, and were not driven out again until the Solvini Wars hundreds of years later.

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