Princess Angelina
Angelina as photographed by Yves Saldivar


16 April 1971
Virgin Palace, Calabasas, Arveyres


31 March 1995 (aged 23)
Canton, Pontevedra, Arveyres

Cause of death

Gunshot wound

Resting place

Royal Park of Angelina
Calabasas, Arveyres


Cristóbal Pérez


House of Vergara


Luceo, Duke of Andalusia


Nina II



Angelina, Princess of Arveyres (Angelina Nina Lucia da Vergara di Pérez; 16 April 1971 - 31 March 1995), was the eldest daughter of Nina II, Queen of Arveyres and Luceo, Duke of Andalusia. She was educated in Arbor Felix for primary and secondary school and was studying to obtain a degree in medicine before her assassination. She often distanced herself from the royal family, having passed her right as the crown princess to her younger sister Princess Isabel (later Queen Isabel IV).

She began an illustrious music career in the early 1990s, becoming an instant success in the Arveyran market which boosted the view of the royal family. Before her crossover into the mainstream market of the world, she was assassinated by Mauritz Oberlin while performing a leg of her tour to promote her upcoming album. She was rushed off-stage and flown to the Royal Hospital in Calabasas. She was pronounced dead the morning after the event.

She still remains a very large figure in the Arveyran music industry and in the homes of many Arveyrans. She was married to Cristóbal Pérez, a native Marquetien from Besançon.

The Royal Park of Angelina in Calabasas was established in her honor in 1997. Her remains were first placed in the Royal Cemetary in Cartagena, but were later moved to be in the mausoleum, which is the centerpiece of the park, along with a life-size bronze statue in her honor.

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