Anisa Omar


Senator from Minnesota's 8th District

In office

10 January 2017 - present

Preceded by

Dolores Khan


13 December 1982
Ajdabiya, Al Wahat, Blukon

Political party



Abdul Omar


2 sons

Alma mater

Victoria State University
University of Minnesota



Anisa Omar (born 13 December 1982) is an Aloian politician and social activist. Following the 2016 federal elections, Omar was elected to the Senate of Aloia, the first Blukonian to achieve federal office in Aloia.

Omar was born in the Al Wahat province of Blukon, but migrated to with her parents in 1995. Her family lived in suburban Zumbrota and she attended Victoria State University in Goodhue. After graduating from VSU, she attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She became involved with the large Blukonian community in Minneapolis and became a lobbyist for Blukonian affairs in Minnesota's capital of Minneapolis. She was elected to the Senate of Aloia in 2016, representing the Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, an area with a high immigrant population and most of Aloia's Blukonians. 

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