Federation of Antanares
Flag of Antanares


"Observe, Wait, Hunt"



Official languages

Italian, Russian, Antanaresia




Federal Principality


His Highness Sebastian Valerian Higencourt


7 June 1510



Time zone

ERT -5, -4, +4, +5

Internet TLD


The Federation of Antanares (Federatsiya Antanaresiana) is a constitutional federal principality, located in the continent of Altiganta, with colonies and secondary cities diffused in all the world.

Antanares is renowned for be a founders of the SECURS in the middle of the XX Century, members of almost all the principal international organizations in the Esamir and co-founders, with New Tarajan, of the current OMNI Enforcer. Actually the nation had a seat in the Security Council of the United Nations of Esamir.

Antanares is know in all the world for be one of the most advanced, acculturated and strong nations of Esamir. Counting on a steel pact with New Tarajan and the other members of the OMNI Enforcer, but also maintaining good relationships with countries in all the continents, Antanares maintains one of the most powerful economies of the Esamir, supported by a large and developed secondary and tertiary sector.

The actual leader of Antanares is His Highness Sebastian Valerian Higencourt, one of the last members of the famous family Higencourt, directly descendant of Family Grederor, to which belonged the first Prince of Antanares. The currency of Antanares is the Jedaro


Actually exists a debates among the historians for the origin of the term "Antanares". Prof.Henry Deloise, a famous historian of the first XX Century, wrote into his most famous book, "Historia Antanaresia: from a cave to Velikogovolka" that probably the term "Antanares" originated from a dialect of the old populations that lived near the east coast of the nation.

Other scholars, on the contrary, especially in the recent years, supposed that the terms rose from an errate pronunciation of the word Antares, used from most of the merchant to find the right route for the city of Sessadraina, one of the principal and most ancient town of Antanares.


Antanares is located in Altiganta bordering with New Tarajan and Planitia. The islands of Targahar are not far from the East cost of Antanares, nord of Kaevi while the extra-continental colonies confine with Eurasia, New Tarajan, Aloia, Matanya and several other nations. 

In the mainland Antanares is composed, primary, from mountain and hills, with a great plain around the coast of the internal Sea of Andara. The main mountain range is called Nastrobalus and traverse the country from East to West, along all the South Coast. Between the mountains of Nastrobalus are "hidden"


A view of Nastrobalus

some of the most important cities of Antanares, like Velikogovolka, the capital city, or Balcary, an important commercial hub of the region and a very ancient city. The Nastrobalus is also famous for be a sort of border between the center of the country, composed from the regions located near Andara and all the south coast. It was considered, for generations, a natural defensive wall against any kind of aggression. Wars and battles were decided from a good knowledge of the mountains passes and the locations of caves and strategical points between the rocks.