Anton Makarov


2 December 1536
Free City of Aloja, Baltic League
(modern Aloja, Mariana)


14 February 1603
Helsingfors, Finland


Bishop of Helsingfors
Presiding bishop of Uppsala Synod

Alma mater

St. Ann's College, Helsingfors

Anton Makarov (2 December 1536 - 14 February 1603) was an Aloian clergyman who served as Bishop of Helsingfors and presided over the Uppsala Synod. 

Makarov was born and raised in Aloja, modern Mariana. In 1557, the southern cities of the Baltic League declared independence and established Terra Mariana. Aloja was alone in opposing this move and was sacked and ravaged by the city's neighbors. Makarov served in Aloja's militia, but after most of his comrades were killed, most of the inhabitants of Aloja fled north. Makarov and his family eventually settled in Finland, where he began a life as a farmer. At age 32, he began seminary studies at St. Ann's College in Helsingfors and was ordained in the Baltic Church in 1575. He served parishes in rural Finland until he was elected Bishop of Helsingfors in 1589. He was chosen to preside over the Uppsala Synod in 1593, a large and crucial meeting of church and state leaders. 

When time came for the Synod to choose a name for the new union, they chose to honor Makarov's home village, and named the country Aloja. The Swedish and Norwegian names for the country are still Aloja. After 74 years, the kingdom successfully reconquered all of Mariana and rebuilt Aloja city.