A scene from the film, depicting the slums on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar.

Aparthood (Eurasian: Segregatio in Mogontiacum; Khan: Миний ах хаана байна вэ?) is a documentary film produced by Guillermo Ortez de Calabasas, an Arveyran film maker, which documents the living standards and poverty in the Eurasian province of Ostium. The film received widespread acclaim in New Tarajan, Zackalantis, Aloia, and Morea, but received mixed reviews in Arveyres and New Zealand and was panned by critics in Eurasia and Duresia.

The movie highlighted the plight of native Khans in the Eurasian-controlled province, which has only been a province since 2012 following the Khanate Intervention, and the systemic and widespread discrimination taken against them by the Eurasian provincial government. Khans are not granted Eurasian citizenship, and therefore are deprived of the majority of Eurasian civil rights.

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