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The Commonwealth of Aransas is a state of Aloia. The capital and largest city of Aransas is Galveston.

Aransas was a province of the Argentine Republic. Following the collapse of Argentine in the early 2000s, Aransas joined 5 other former provinces to form the Free States of Argentine. In 2016, two of those states themselves became annexed to Aloia. In 2017, the remaining 4 states, including Aransas, followed suit, becoming states of Aloia.

Aransas is known for its thriving cotton-growing economy, especially along the coast. In contrast to the mountainous terrain of Tajo and other southern Argentine states, Aransas and its neighbors are known for being flat and vast. Agriculture is the dominant industry in Aransas, with tourism coming up close behind. The capital city of Galveston is the center of Aransan tourism. Galveston Island is a long barrier island along the sea. The barrier islands of Aransas are known for their stilted homes and the large party scene in their cities.

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