Army of God
Exercitus Dei
Στρατού του Θεού
2000px-Christian flag.svg
Flag of the Army


"Gloria in Excelis Deo" (Glory to God in the Highest)



The Army of God (Eurasian: Exercitus Dei; Solvinian: Στρατού του Θεού) is an illegal terrorist Christian organization, operating in Eurasia. It has been declared an illegal and criminal organization by the Government of Eurasia, and any members of it captured by the authorities are subject to immediate revocation of citizenship and execution.

The organization came to prominence when it undertook the Autumn of Discontent, which saw it bomb numerous abortion clinics run by the Eurasian Ministerium of Health. It was thought destroyed after the its leadership was killed following the October Siege, but the Eurasian Ministerium of Imperial Security contends that the organization is still alive, if highly fragmented and scattered.

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