Khanite Provisional Republic

Preceded by

Eurasian Newellia

Succeeded by

The Khanate


Tashkent (modern-day Arveyres)


English (official)


4.5 million (1940 estimate)


Peseta, Lira

Today part of

Aloia, Arveyres, Duresia, Eurasia, Kaevi, New Tarajan

The Khanite Provisional Republic (Arveyran: Republica provisionaria ilcanita) is the name given to the operating government in the former Newellian State during the First Partition of Newellia. Administered and operated by the Kingdom of Arveyres from the end of the war on 8 May 1947 until the end of the partition conferences on 29 June 1947. The Provisional Republic with aid from the Kingdom of Arveyres brokered and authored compromises which led to the establishment of the Khanate.

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