Province of Asturias
Flag of Asturias





Asturias is a province of the Kingdom of Arveyres. It is located in the Central Region of Arveyres and it is bordered to the north by the Kingdom of New Tarajan and the Empire of Duresia, to the east by Andalusia, to the south by Almain, and to the west by Alhambra. The city of Ingleces is the provincial capital and largest city of the province of Asturias.

Subdivisions of Arveyres
Provinces of Arveyres
Alhambra - Almain - Anatolia - Andalusia - Ascania - Asturias
Baleares - Cantabria - Cuenca - East Havana - Extremadura - Gerona
Granada - Gyeonggi- Gyeongsang - High Navarra - Ibarra - Jordan - Karlsmark
Low Navarra - Lower Cordoba - Lydia - Malaga - Maracaibo - Marina - Marlborough
Marmara - Nevada - North Jeolla - Salamanca - San Aloisio - San Camilo
Sevilla - South Jeolla - Upper Cordoba - Valencia - West Havana

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