Atanosian War
Eurasian legionaries outside Caelux.


February 16th, 1995 - September 10th, 1997 (2 years, 6 months, )




Collapse of Atanosian State, establishment of New Atanea, imprisonment of Coriolanus Snow


International Confederation of Free States (ICFS), OMNI Enforcer, Eurasia, Atanosia

Commanders and Leaders

ICFS/OMNI/Eurasia: Justinius V (Eurasia), Prime Minister Jacob Holden (New-Zealand), Pres. Coriolanus Snow (Atenosia), Prime Minister Van de Groot (New Tarajan, Prince Henri (Antanares) Atanosia: Pres. Coriolanus Snow

Casualties and losses:

ICFS/OMNI/Eurasia: 1,500,000 Atanosia: 5,000,000 (2,500,000 military, 2,500,000 civilian)

The Atanosian War was a conflict between Coriolanus Snow, the dictator of Atanosia, Eurasia, and the International Confederation of Free States, and to a lesser extent OMNI Enforcer. The war began with Snow's attack on Eurasian military bases in the nation, killing over 3,500 legionaries. Eurasia quickly ordered an invasion of its former ally, alongside New-Zealand and New Europe, as well as New Tarajan and the OMNI Enforcer.

Several 'districts', the term used by the Atanosian Government to refer to administrative divisions within their nation, rebelled and joined the allied forces in liberating the country. Heavy fighting commenced, and after two years of brutal warfare the fighting ended.

The war ended with the capture of Snow in 1997, after which the remaining loyalist forces surrendered, whereupon the rebel forces founded the current state of New Atanea. Snow was tried for war crimes and Crimes against Humanity and imprisoned in a New European prison. He was later found to have committed suicide, though it is suspected he was murdered by Eurasian operatives.

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