Empress Consort Aurelia of Eurasia
The Empress in 2016


January 20th, 1973 (43)
Hirtenheim, Duresia


Augustus IV of Eurasia


Crown Princess Aufidia, Archduchess of Aquilonia
Prince Lucianus
Prince Regulus
Princess Caelia

Full Name

Aurelia Maria Lorenzo Schoena ver Hohenzbrock


House of Hohenzbrock (by birth)
House of Eurasius (by marriage)


Mos Maiorum

Empress Consort Aurelia of Eurasia is the Empress of Eurasia as the wife of Emperor Augustus IV, who ascended the throne following the abdication of his father, Justinius. She is one of the few non-Eurasian born Empresses Consort, being born to Duresian nobility.

Aurelia has taken a more active political stance than previous empresses, and as such has effectively cemented her own position as the "gateway to the throne". It has often been seen that she is more of a public figure than her more reclusive and quiet husband, and often is the centerpiece of imperial galas, balls, and banquets. Though possessing very little real political power, she uses her husband's name and power to great effect.

The Empress is also renowned internationally for throwing lavish and opulent parties and galas at the Imperial Palace, and is often seen in the company of Sofia X of Arveyres and her relatives in Duresia. Aurelia has drawn criticism in the past for her expensive outfits, which are often trendsetters in Eurasian fashion.

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