Baltic Sea





Primary inflows

Minnesota River, Zumbro River, Rainy River, Atlas River, Basque River, etc.

Primary outflows

The Hiwawatha Straits, the Kaukauna Straits

Basin countries

Aloia, Arveyres, Eurasia, Europe, Kaevi, Marquette, Texania

Major settlements

Austinia, Cadiz, Castra Albana, Konza City, La Capra, Leon, Minneapolis, New Strasbourg, Uppsala, Zumbrota, etc.

The Baltic Sea is a sea of the Northern Ocean, in the center of the continent of Naskigo. The sea surrounds mainland Aloia. It includes the Bay of Biscay, Wanamingo Gulf, Red Straits, Minnewaukan Bay, and Konza Bay, in addition to numerous smaller bays. It is a mediterranean sea of the Northern Ocean. 

The North Baltic is bound by Aloia to its north, west, and south, and Kaevi, Eurasia, and Marquette to its east, along with the waterways leading to the Enchanted Sea. It is one of the busiest shipping areas in the world. The Central Baltic is bound by Aloia to its north and east, Arveyres to its north, and Europa to its west. The Red Straits and Wanamingo Gulf separate the Central Baltic from the North and South. The South Baltic is divided from the Bay of Biscay to the east by Castra Albana which forms the Albanian Straits of Sephorina (northern) and Mariana (southern).

The Baltic Sea is connected by an artificial waterway to the Enchanted Sea by the Grand Arveyran Canal.

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