Benjamin Hart

Political office

53rd Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1937 - 10 January 1949

Preceded by

Peter Cassidy

Succeeded by

Hal Neuberg


Benjamin Alois Hart
10 July 1880
San Francisco, Patagonia, Argentine Republic


10 January 1986
Minneapolis, Anglia

Political party

Conservative Party

Spouse and family

Princess Eleanor Tordenskjold
6 children

Alma mater

Augsburg College (Minneapolis)
Bethel University


Free Lutheran Church of Aloia

Benjamin Hart, 1st Duke of Minnetonka (10 July 1880 - 10 January 1986) was an Aloian politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1937 to 1949 and Governor of Anglia from 1923 to 1937 and from 1955 to 1963. Hart was Chancellor throughout most of the Great War and managed to minimize the amount of blood lost by Aloians. Hart was the steady and intelligent leader the nation needed as it maneuvered the deadliest conflict in human history. Hart was a member of the Conservative Party. His first Vice Chancellor was Francis Jones and his second Vice Chancellor was Hal Neuberg.

Hart was born in San Francisco, the capital of the Argentine Republic, the son of the Aloian Ambassador to the Argentine Republic. Hart's father Peter Hart was appointed Minister of State in 1889, so the Hart family moved to Zumbrota, the capital of Aloia. The younger Hart grew up with foreign heads of state visiting his home and as a childhood playmate of future King Christian X. Hart married Gustaf's sister, Princess Eleanor. Upon his marriage to Eleanor, King Erik XIII made him the first Duke of Minnetonka.

As a member of a devout Free Lutheran household, Hart attended Augsburg College to study political science and biblical studies. Hart then attended Bethel University and received his law degree in 1903. Hart practiced law for 5 years before being elected to the Senate of Aloia in 1908, representing the Lake Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis. Hart was then elected to the High Council of Aloia, representing Anglia in 1916. In 1922, he was elected Governor of Anglia. He served as Governor of Anglia for 14 years.

He ran for, and was elected, Chancellor of Aloia in 1936, against the backdrop of the beginning of the Great War. Hart was re-elected twice and led the country through the war, relatively unscathed. After the war ended, he announced he would end his time as Chancellor at the end of his term. His Vice Chancellor Hal Neuberg succeeded him on 10 January 1949.

Hart retired to his home in the Lake Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis. In 1954, he was approached again by the Conservative Party about pursuing the Governorship of Anglia again. He ran and was easily elected. Hart served as Governor of Anglia again for two terms, from 1955 to 1963.

An old friend and brother-in-law of King Gustaf XV, Hart was often consulted by the King over policy matters, even well into Hart's retirement. Hart lived to be 105 years old, the longest-lived Aloian head of government. He died in 1986 and was buried alongside his wife at the Heiligenburg Palace cemetery, at the request of his great-nephew, King Christian XI.