Bethel Presbyterian Church






Presbyterian Church of Aloia

Congregation founded


Building dedicated



Gothic Revival

Bethel Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian church in downtown Minneapolis, Aloia. Bethel is the oldest Presbyterian congregation in Aloia and one of Aloia's largest Presbyterian churches. Its current pastor is Rev. Joel Erickson.

The congregation traces their history to a group of Christians in Minneapolis during the Protestant Reformation. Led by Rev. Dr. Victor Melius, the congregation differed from the rest of the early Aloian Protestants by holding to the teachings of John Calvin, rather than Martin Luther. The group organized as a congregation in 1530 as Bethel Church and built their first church building in Minneapolis. 

In 1560, Bethel was one of the congregations that voted to leave the mostly-Lutheran state Church of Aloia to form their own Calvinist-influenced church body. The denomination came to be known as Presbyterian for their unique polity structure. The congregation went through a series of different buildings, eventually completing their current home in 1935.

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