Personal flag of zeon by spikerommel-d2azqcj

Flag of the Bipartite, rarely used except for formal occasions.

The Bipartite Pact (Eurasian: Pactum Bipartitum; Lyrian: Zweiparteienpakt) was a military alliance between Eurasia and Duresia during the Great War. It was considered the greatest military alliance ever conceived until the creation of the OMNI Enforcer. Under its auspices, Eurasia and Duresia invaded Reisal, the United Newellian Federation, and Zackalantis, and also conducted the Omnestacita.

The Bipartite was first signed in 1935, immediately preceding the joint Duresio-Eurasian invasion of Reisal. In 1937, Eurasia and Duresia invaded Newellia, forming the Eurasian Newellia and Duresian Newellia. Shortly thereafter, Zackalantis was annexed as well, with the formation of Eurasian Zackalantis and Duresian Zackalantis. The pact formally ended in 1947, with the collapse of the Duresian First Republic and the abdication of Laurentius III of Eurasia. Both the successor monarchist government in Duresia and Laurentius' successor, Marinus of Eurasia, withdrew from the pact.

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