Grainy photo of the "Bombus Reginae", the largest nuclear weapon ever deployed in warfare, which was the first weapon detonated in the city.

The Great Bombing of Kawasaki (Ienaran: Daehonggyeok kawasakishieseo; TAA: 대홍격 카와사키시에서; CN: 大轟炸 川崎市在), also called the Bombing of Ienara City (Eurasian: Bombandum Urbis Ienarae), Operation Mars' Vengeance (Eurasian: Operatio Ultionis Martis), and the Day of Fire (Ienaran: Ilhwo; TAA: 일훠; CN: 日火) was an aerial nuclear attack launched by Eurasia upon Imperial Tokugawa during the Ienaran War. It remains the first and only usage of nuclear weapons in warfare to date.

The city was the stronghold of the Tokugawan Government and seat of the resistance to Eurasian activities in the war. In 1977, Eurasia launched a series of nuclear attacks on the city, beginning with the largest nuclear weapon ever deployed in testing or warfare, the Bombus Reginae, or Queen of All Bombs, which at 45 megatons completely destroyed the city and its inhabitants, killing near 1,500,000 people in a single instant. Then, successively, the Eurasians launched several experimental ICMB prototypes at the city, culminating in a total of four detonations, which in total killed 3,250,000 from the immediate explosions.

Bombus Reginae-000:40

Bombus Reginae-0

Only known footage of the detonation of the Bombus Reginae. The mushroom cloud reached into the upper stratosphere.

After the detonations ended, the immense and destructive radiation released by four concurrent nuclear detonations ravaged the area, leading to untold numbers of deaths from cancer and radiation poisoning, with the total number being unknown even today.

The purpose of the brutal attack was a ploy by the Eurasians to force the Tarajanis and SECURS to the negotiating table to end the war in favor of Ienara. It achieved its goal in this regard, as the Tarajanis possessed more humanitarian-minded policies than the Eurasians, and were unwilling to both risk nuclear war with Eurasia or to sacrifice more inncoent cities. Thus, the bombing pushed both sides to diplomacy and facilitated the end of the war in 1978, as well as the creation of the United Nations of Esamir.

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