Bravil (Lyon)


Duchy of Bravil, Princedom of Besançon, Marquette


City: 74.42 km2
Metro: 6,492.63 km2


Duchy of Bravil



Bravil (Montesi: Бравил) is the capital of the Princedom of Besançon as well as the seat of the Duchy of Bravil. Since the 12th century, the history of Bravil has been inseperable from that of the House of Vedoys, who have ruled as princes and kings for the last 800 years. The Gaston River runs through the center of the city and has given the city a claim as a holy site as its source is in the holy Mount Beynac

The citizens of Bravil are very devout to Marquetien Orthodox Deosianism, and Divine Celebrations are an important source of community unity for them. The people of the Duchy of Bravil have never chosen a patron Divine or Saint, and as such there are several cathedrals and shrines to each of the deities worshiped in the Marquetien pantheon throughout the city. 

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