Barrels undergoing decontamination in the facility.

The Cacusian Nuclear Disposal Facility (Eurasian: Instalatio Eliminationis Nuclearis Cacis) is a facility in Tolbiacum, Eurasia, which houses nuclear waste produced by the Eurasian Empire. It is one of the largest facilities in the world dedicated to this purpose and was constructed near the Spoletium Exclusion Zone. It is designed to be self-contained for at a minimum 10,000 years, at which point the waste inside will have decayed sufficiently to no longer be as dangerous. The facility services all of Eurasia and Arveyres.

The facility features several warning mechanisms, written in the six largest languages of the United Nations of Esamir, as well as the native dialect, as well as the national languages of Arveyres. It reads:

In English:

WARNING: Dangerous nuclear waste is buried here. Do not dig or drill until AD 12,000.

In Eurasian:

Cavete! Eccum hinc versura peliculosa nuclearis sunt. Noli defodere ne terebrare antequam AVC 12.753.

In Arveyran:

ATTENTIVA CI: Batiora nucleara vituanta esc enterrata paraici. An-illerrare e an-augiare absche AA 10,987.

In Spanish:

¡Cuidado! Desechos nucleares peligrosos son sepultados aquí. No excave ni taladre hasta AD 12.000.

In Montesí:

СПРИЦА: Ил Кравтсваъ маьс плитаъо авеь ентято фраъ. Неь ёстеьца оуь оттеьца финоа АУС 12, 753.

In Tarajani Dutch:

In Lyrian:

WARNUNG: Gefährliche nukleare Abfälle werden hier begraben. Nicht graben oder bohren bis AD 12,000

In Zack:

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