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Calabasas (/'kalabasas/; Arveyran: Calabasas, Eurasian: Hispalis) is the capital of Arveyres. Calabasas also serves as the capital of the province of Sevilla, and the administrative center of the Northern Region of Arveyres. Calabasas is the third-largest city in Arveyres at 19,500,000, behind Andalusia and Almeria. THe city is located in the southern portion of the Northern Region, within Sevilla, along the banks of the Castelvajac River. The City of Yell is an independent country geographically located in the heart of Calabasas, the only existing example of a country within a city.

Calabasas' history spans more than 2,500 years. Traditional Arveyran history dates the founding of Vajac (one of the first areas of Calabasas) at around 876 BCE. The site has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Norda. The city's early population originated from a mix of Sevilii and Navarrii. The city became the capital of the Kingdom of Sevilla and later the capital of the Kingdom of Arveyres following the Unification of Arveyres in 552. From 1952 until 1961 and for six months in 1972 during the Marcos ministry, the capital of Arveyres was in Cephorum, but Calabasas remained the royal administrative capital. 

Calabasas is one of the most visited cities in Arveyres and hosts many monuments and museums. Its business district, the Financial Parish, is the base of many business companies involved in the fashion, oil, agriculture, and finance industries. Calabasas plays a leading role in the national economy.

Administrative divisions

The city is divided into administrative areas, called parocias, or parishes. They were created for administrative reasons to increase decentralization within the city. As of 2017, there are 37 parishes within the city of Calabasas.

CBS names

A map of the Parishes of Calabasas with local names shown

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