Empress Dowager Camilla
Camila and the Emperor in 1960


28 November 1916
Calabasas, Arveyres


7 June 2002
Amparo, Arveyres






House of Vergara (by birth)
House of Eurasius (by marriage)



Camilla (Camilla Alba Cesaria da Vergara; born 28 November 1916 - 7 June 2002) was the Empress of Eurasia as the wife of Emperor Marinus, who ascended the throne following the abdication of Laurentius III in May of 1947. She was the younger sister of Queen Isabel III, who was Marinus' first wife.

Camilla was born as an Arveyran princess to King Camilo and Aria da Aquino in 1916 in Calabasas, Arveyres. She is the youngest of eight siblings, with her eldest being Isabel III. She spent most of her early life in Arveyres, with small excursions to Eurasia on mostly diplomatic trips with her family. She began a friendship with Marinus following her older sister's marriage to Marinus. Shortly before Isabel's death in 1931, Isabel promised Camilla to Marinus, thus starting their engagement upon her death.

The two were married on 11 October 1941, six years before Marinus' ascension to the throne. The two lived together during Marinus' house arrest in his villa in Beneventum before his return to the political scene, from which he had been barred from by his older brother. Camilla served as the public figure of the Imperial Family during the reign of Marinus, while Marinus spent most of his time working to repair and regain the international valor of the Empire following the Great War, which took a toll on the international view of Eurasia.

Camilla outlived Marinus by 35 and adopted the title of Empress Dowager upon his death. She remained in Eurasia doing municipal work in Julium until her 70th birthday in 1986, when she formally retired to the Palais des Impératrices in her native Arveyres. Camilla died in 2002 during the reigns of Queen Sofia IX and Emperor Justinius.