San Antonio


Esteban Rhodes (independent)

The Commonwealth of Campostella is a state of Aloia. The capital and largest city of Campostella is San Antonio.

Campostella was a province of the Argentine Republic. Following the collapse of Argentine in the early 2000s, Campostella joined 5 other former provinces to form the Free States of Argentine. In 2016, two of those states themselves became annexed to Aloia. In 2017, the remaining 4 states, including Campostella, followed suit, becoming states of Aloia.

Campostella's name comes from the Latin phrase 'campus stellae', which means 'field of stars'. 

Campostella has a vibrant agricultural base, with much of its vast, flat land being used for growing wheat and corn. Campostella also has a strong tourism industry, especially centered around the city of Aurora in the far north. Aurora is so named because it is a great place to regularly see the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis.  

Campostella Blue is a specific shade of green-blue, a dye color created by a specific snail found on Campostella's northern beaches. The color is represented in Campostella's flag.  

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