A public hanging of a thief in 1936.

Capital punishment is an integral and inescapable part of the Judiciary of Eurasia. Its application, historically and in a contemporary sense, varies amongst the highly stratified elements of Eurasian society, with it being easier, legally speaking, to apply capital punishment to non-citizens and non foederati. Unlike other modern nations, who have trended away from the application of capital punishment, Eurasia maintains a diverse array of methods employed depending on the crime, and the Military of Eurasia also applies various methods to punish its own crimes, which generally are more severe.

In Eurasian civilian law, those convicted of murder, rape, or grievous assault are publicly hanged. Those convicted of murder-rape or similar charges may be condemned to death in the arena, though this has become uncommon. Those convicted of treason against the Empire are publicly crucified, though modern Eurasian crucifixion involves being placed upon the cross then being shot soon after to prevent completely undue suffering. Patricide and fratricide are punished by public flogging and then hanging.

In the Eurasian military, thievery is punished by hanging, desertion by crucifixion then shooting, and murder by firing squad. The Eurasian military also is the only remaining country to practice decimation (Eurasian: decimatio), in which a whole unit convicted of cowardice has one of every ten men selected for death, whom are then beaten to death by the remaining men. Though this has been decried as barbaric, the military considers it to be an essential tool in maintaining morale.

Detractors of Eurasian capital law have shown, statistically and perhaps correctly, that capital punishment within the Empire has been hugely applied to minorities and frugally applied to native Eurasians and foederati. In fact, the death penalty in Eurasia is disproportionately applied to those deemed undesirable by the state, and the Ministry of Justice readily acknowledges that more minorities are killed due to there being a far higher crime rate of crime in minority communities.

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