Capitoline Prefecture
Praefectura Capitolina






Marcus Aemilius Scaurus



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ERT -8



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The Capitoline Prefecture (Eurasian: Praefectura Capitolina) is a non-provinced region of the Eurasian Empire that contains Julium. It is the only portion of Eurasia that is not incorporated into a provincial format. The Capitoline Prefecture also contains portions of the countryside surrounding Julium.

The administrature of the prefecture is formatted in the traditional prefect-prefecturial council system, though the Prefect of the Capitoline Prefecture is also the Prefect of Julium. The Capitoline Prefect maintains the same authority within the prefecture as a Praetor does over his province. Ultimately, the prefecture functions under the concept of imperial immediacy, which means the prefect is subservient only to the Emperor of Eurasia. As such, the appointment of Prefect is a highly contentious electoral time.

The prefecture is further divided into the Regions of Julium, of which there are 20. These are then divided into neighborhoods, called vici. Each region is controlled by Praeses, who are elected by the people residing in a region.

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