Crown Princess Celia
Celia and her great-grandfather Lazaro


11 May 1991 (aged 25)
Virgin Palace, Calabasas, Arveyres


Mattia Ibarra (div. 2016)


House of Vergara (by birth)


Augustus IV (biological)
Fernando Echeverría (step-father)


Sofia X



Celia, Crown Princess of Arveyres (Celia Ceforina Fiorina da Vergara; born 11 May 1991) is the oldest child of Sofia X, Queen of Arveyres and Augustus IV, Emperor of Eurasia. She is the Crown Princess of Arveyres, preceding her younger brothers Manolo and René. She was educated in Calabasas for primary and secondary school; she obtained her doctorate decree in medicine work at the University of Calabasas-Sevilla.

She is married to Mattia Ibarra, related into the ruling house of Saint Beñat and Argiñe. The two were married in 2015 and do not have any children, the two divorced in 2016. In mid-2016, Celia suffered a near-fatal injury while on a high-speed ArvTrak train coming from Barranquilla to Calabasas. Since the beginning of her recovery, she has moved to Grand Haven, New Zealand to live in the care of her aunt, Elaena. She often travels between Grand Haven, Ivy City, and Calabasas for diplomatic reasons.

She is the CEO of the Eden Initiative, an environmentally focused organization which fights for the retainment of nature reserves and the administration of aquatic well-being. She was appointed to this role in 2016. She is also a critically-acclaimed and popular singer in Arveyres.