View of the Ministerial Palace in Cephorum, 1956


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58,000 (1963)

Cephorum was a planned city that served as the capital city of Arveyres from 1952-1961 and for six months during 1972. It was located in southern Granada in what is today the city of Salares. It was founded in 1944 during the peak of Arveyran involvement during the Great War. It began as a suburb of the already settled area of Salares in Granada as an administrative capital to provide secrecy during the Great War. By the end of the Great War, most government ministries had moved to Cephorum and by 1951 it became the official capital of Arveyres, replacing Calabasas, which had served as the capital from 552 to 1951.

The entire Bouvier ministry was located in the city of Cephorum. During the end of the second Bouvier term the population growth and urban sprawl of neighboring Salares had surpassed Cephorum and the population of Cephorum began to decline. During the first term of the J. J. Dessalines ministry the capital was returned to Calabasas, in 1961.

The city was built along the Salares River on rough clay soil which didn't allow for much farming, so most resources had to be imported. Originally, only the Ministry of Defense was located in Cephorum, but between 1944 and 1952, all the remaining eleven ministries had moved to Cephorum.

The city was established near Salares to promote unity among the Arveyran people and to rid the government of a historical northern bias, preferring the rich, traditional provinces of Sevilla and Upper Navarra. The region of Salares was chosen also due to the variety of Arveyran which was viewed as "generally neutral" in comparison to other dialects of Arveyran.

During the 1950s, Arveyres effectively had 2 capitals, Cephorum and Calabasas, as the monarch, Mercedes II had kept the seat of the Royal Government in Calabasas; the Monarch is an integral part of the Arveyran government therefore it was required for legislation to move cross-country to be presented to the Monarch.

Due to the unforgiving terrain, general remoteness compared to the rest of Arveyres, rail inaccessibility, coupled with the rapid growth of its neighbor, Salares, the capital was moved back to Calabasas in 1961. In 1963, Cephorum was formally abolished as a city and was annexed into Salares.