Chancellor's Bungalow
The Chancellor's Bungalow, the former residence of the Chancellor of Aloia.

Architectural style

Aloian Modern


Zumbrota, Capital District






Chancellor of Aloia


Sep Ruf

The Chancellor's Bungalow is the former official residence of the Chancellor of Aloia. Located in Ludwigsburg, a suburb of Zumbrota, it served as the Chancellor's residence from 1964 to 1999, when the Chancellor moved into Bergen Palace, closer to central Zumbrota. The Bungalow is located on the same grounds as the Huron Building, which served as the offices of the Chancellor from 1964 to 1999. The former Chancellory grounds and the attached woods are now Huron Park, the largest green space in southern suburban Zumbrota.

The building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and is a well-known example of the Aloian Modern architecture style that dominated the 1960s in Aloia. Between 2007 and 2009, the Ludwigsburg Historical Foundation renovated and restored the bungalow.

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