Chillwood Concentration Camp
Castra Frigidesalvae
Gefühltholz KZ
Entrance to Chillwood


Chillwood, Newellia
(modern-day Silva, Arveyres)


Aurelius Clemens Prudentius (Eurasia)
Rudolf Höß (Duresia)

Original use







None, abandoned by Bipartite in 1946

Notable Inmates

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Notable Literature

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Inmates Killed

3.1 million (est.)

The Chillwood Concentration Camp (Eurasian: Castra Frigidesalvae, Lyrian: Gefühltholz KZ) was the largest and most deadly concentration camp during the Omnestacita. It killed an estimated 3.1 million people, of which records are known, though it is likely to have killed far more. It was opened by Eurasian provisional authorities in 1935, and was liquidated during the Eurasian withdrawals in 1946. It was jointly maintained by both Duresia and Eurasia, and had numerous commandants over its eleven-year existence, and was populated generally by Newellians. It also served as a munitions factory in addition to being an extermination camp.

Following the abandonment of the camp by the Bipartite in 1946, the Camp returned to the Newellian people under the government of the Khanate. The Camp today is located in the city of Silva in Arveyres. The Camp is maintained as a museum and tourist attraction in north Alhambra.

One of the most infamous images from the camp is the inscription that the entry-gate bears, which reads Opus Vos Liberavit in Eurasian ans Arbeit Macht Frei in Lyrian, both meaning "Work Will Set You Free".

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