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Painting of Clavicus Vile with his Masque and his faithful hound, Barbas.

Clavicus Vile (Eurasian: Clavica Nequa; Dovahzul: Klavah) is one of the seventeen most powerful Daedra known as Daedric Princes. He is best known for granting wishes, often in ways that turn out poorly for the recipient. He is the Daedric Prince of Power, Trickery, Wishes, Serenity and Bargains. Vile is considered one of the weaker princes, though he is still of immense power. His realm is known as The Idyll.

Clavicus Vile is frequently invoked in Deosian comedy as a source of ill fortune for the greedy and foolish. He is one of the least feared Princes due to his relatively narrow sphere. Clavicus Vile is similar to the character of Mephistopheles in the Duresian play Faust, as both grant wishes that have undesired consequences.