Modern painting of legionaries landing below the High Fane.

The Cleansing of the High Fane (Eurasian: Detersio Fanis Altis) was a military engagement which ended the War of the Numantine between Eurasia and the Imbrispi Confederation. It involved Eurasian forces attacking Fane Vilvoore, which was the cultural and military capital of the Imbrispi, and succeeding in capturing and destroying it. The battle resulted in the complete destruction of the Imbrispi, both as a political entity and as a culture. They were driven north from their former lands into Duresia following the end of the war.

The war itself involved some of the most innovative battlefield engineering seen up to that point in history. The Eurasian legions engineered several sapping tunnels which ran underneath the walls of the fortress, which were carved through solid limestone and still stand today. A large siege ramp was also constructed using local slave labor to scale the walls, and resulted in the Eurasians completely surpassing local defenses.

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