Panorama of the Old City


Unknown, probably first time settled in 1000 BCE


Holy City of Clervau, Duresia


17,000,000 (estimate)


Pope Laurentius IX

Clervau (Eurasian: Calervum) is a city and a state in Duresia. Clervau is the largest city in Duresia and Norda with 17 million residents. The Metropolitan City of Clervau has a population of 20.9 million residents. Clervau is located in southern Duresia, Old Clervau being close to the southern Ascanian Riviera. The metropolitan area of Clervau extends outside the state borders of the state of Holy City of Clervau. It is renown for being a centre for Urbance culture in Norda.

Clervau is known as being the seat of the Catholic Church in Esamir and also as the old capital of Holy Duresian Empire.

Clervau is also a terminus for the main line of the Clervau-Sevilla Cruise Lines.

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