Clovus Eurasius
A damaged bust of Clovus, which survives in Marquette. It is the only known period bust to survive.


October 9th, 1308


March 9th, 1325


Mos Maorism

Clovus Eurasius, also known as Clovus Cuculus (Eurasian: lit. Clovus the Bastard) was a usurper of the Eurasian Throne from 1316 to 1325, during the Interregnum. He was only eight at the time of his coronation, and his mother Potema Eurasia appointed herself Regent. His ascension to the throne was preceded by the War of the Red Diamond, during which Empress Catarina of Eurasia was assassinated.

Clovus reigned for ten years, the whole time under the direction of his mother, until his death in 1326. He was killed after his surrender to his uncle, Cephorus I of Eurasia, when a mob of enraged Eurasians attacked the carriage he was being moved in and burnt him alive. His death marked the end of the Interregnum, though his mother was not killed until the following year after her defeat in Falcrine.

the Ministry of Culture does not consider Clovus to have been a true Emperor, and instead refers to the ten years during which he reigned as an interregnum, and claims the Imperial throne to have been vacant during this time. Clovus, alongside his mother, was struck from all official record following the end of the War of Usurpation. Even today, he does not appear in any official capacity, and is considered to have never existed by the Government of Eurasia. Instead, in official documents he is merely referred to as "The Usurper," if at all.

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