Codenix Sirone
A painting of the Archprimate, circa 1300.

High Archprimate of Novem Deos

700 - 716


Caius Marius Sextus


Alessatotis Maccina


September 15th, 658


October 8th, 716


Novem Deos



Codenix Sirone (September 15th, 658 - October 8th, 716) was the High Archprimate of Novem Deos, who was assassinated in 716 by Christian extremists. His death sparked mass reprisals against the Christians, resulting in the infamous Purge of the Laurentine. His tenure as Archprimate was marked by an increase in liberalization towards Christians, and his death ended any real hope of change in Novem Deos towards Christians for a millennia, and following the death of Audrea of Eurasia, Deosian liberalization alongside that of the Empire itself remained stagnant until the reign of Marinus of Eurasia.

Codenix had initiated several liberalizing reforms towards the Abrahamic faiths, which were undertaken alongside Audrea's reforms. He is viewed as one of the most liberal reformers of Novem Deos in Eurasian history. His assassination caused widespread fear and resentment amongst Christians in both the Deosian and Maiorist communities.

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