College of Pontiffs
Collegium Pontificum



Preceding Ministerium





518,000 priests

Pontifex Maximus

Decius Romilius Benedictus Felix as Pontifex Maximus Inferior

The College of Pontiffs (Eurasian: Collegium Pontificum) is the highest religious authority of Eurasia and of Mos Maiorum. It is an independent entity of the Government of Eurasia, and is responsible for the continuation of the Maiorist faith throughout the Eurasian Empire and throughout the world. The College of Pontiffs is made up of a collective organization of Pontifices, the fifteen flamens, and the Vestals. The College of Pontiffs is one of the four major priestly colleges, the others being of the augurs (who read omens), the quindecimviri sacris faciundis ("fifteen men who carry out the rites"), and the Epulones (who set up feasts at festivals).

The highest priest in the college is the Pontifex Maximus of Mos Maiorum, who is chosen by the members of the college and controls appointments to the college. Prior to the Writs of the Setertiamillenniary and Cephorus I, the Pontifex Maximus was always the Emperor himself. However, after the Interregnum it became common to appoint another to serve in the Emperor's stead, though the Emperor can (and has) demand that the "placeholder" Pontifex step down, either to be replaced in his own personage or to have another take his place. This individual is known as the Pontifex Maximus Inferior, and the current occupant is Decius Romilius Benedictus Felix, who was appointed by Justinius of Eurasia in 2008. The most recent Emperor to hold the position for himself was Marinus, who held it from Laurentius III's abdication until 1952.