Concordia University


Developing wise, honorable, and cultivating citizens.




Church of Aloia


Dr. Linus Wooding


Dr. Maria Rolfe




Zumbrota, Aloia



Concordia University is a university affiliated with the Church of Aloia located in Zumbrota, Aloia. Concordia is one of the Church's two flagship universities, along with Bethel University of Minneapolis. Concordia is considered one of the best schools in Aloia and Esamir. 

The school was first established in Halle by the Archbishop of Halle as Concordia Seminary, to provide pastors in the state church with training. After the capital of the Kingdom was moved to Zumbrota, the school followed the government and the first classes in Zumbrota began in 1853. The school changed its name to Concordia College and Seminary when it moved to Zumbrota. The school changed its name again in 1904 to Concordia University, to reflect major expansion of its programs, allowing it to become a full-fledged university.

The school has continued to grow and has become one of the best universities in Aloia, surpassing older schools with more historical prestige, like the University of Halle-Wittenburg and Karlstad University. The school is still affiliated with the Church of Aloia, but it now offers hundreds of other degree programs than just seminary.

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