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The Commonwealth of Constance is a state of the Kingdom of Aloia. Unlike most of the rest of the Aloian mainland, Constance's cities were not members of the Baltic League. Constance is located in the Aloian peninsula's mountainous center. The capital of Constance is Solingen, located on the shores of Lake Havel, Aloia's highest lake and the source of the Zumbro River.

The state receives its name from the ancient Duchy of Constance, seated in the city of Constance (Konstanz). The duchy of Constance was succeeded by the Constance Confederation, a group of semi-independent cantons. The Confederation was the center of Presbyterianism during the Protestant Reformation. The Confederation officially joined the Kingdom of Aloia in 1654, though the small nation had already acted as an Aloian vassal state for about a hundred years.

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