Nastaleeq shikateh by sargodha-d3ig6mp

The Cordoban script is a writing system used for writing traditional religious texts throughout Cordoba. It is used to transcribe the Arveyran and Eurasian languages. It formerly was used to write the native Cordoban languages which have since gone extinct. The Cordoban script is written from right to left in a connected cursive style.

In Cordoban, the alphabet uses a limited amount of written vowels and makes the reader use context to insert the vowel sounds themselves. This was deemed too difficult for the vowel-rich Cordoban and Arveyran language, thus a modified version of the script is used, allowing for less vowel ambiguity.

The script was first used to write texts in Cordoban around the 3th century CE in Casablanca and would eventually spread all throughout the Sultanate of Cordoba. It is also used to write the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, and other religious texts of various religions in the area.

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