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The Councils of the Holy Principality in Saint Beñat and Argiñe are the executive-level divisions of the Ibarrasque Government that oversee portions of the apostolic bureaucracy. They are organized into two categories known as the secular Council of State and the non-secular Council of Faith. Both are further subdivided into departments and are led by the Co-Princes.

The Departments of the Council of State are:

  • Department of the Treasury
    Manages the lira, controls national finances, collects taxes, and implements austerity measures when deficits occur.
  • Department of Health
    Regulates public health practices, oversees medical professional licensing, and inspects items for human consumption.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
    Manages relationships with foreign powers, represents the nation abroad, and works to protect Ibarrasque citizens traveling abroad.
  • Department of Internal Affairs
    Manages government-owned property, regulates private property rights, oversees immigration system, and coordinates election proceedings.
  • Department of Infrastructure
    Ensures the safety of the nations roads, railways, boating routes, and air travel; it also sets guidelines involving utilities.

The Departments of the Council of Faith are:

  • Department of Education
    Establishes core curriculum for all levels of education, oversees the accreditation of learning institutions and licensing of educators.
  • Department of Religious Affairs
    Manages the relationships of the HCO of SBA, sets social/media guidelines, and coordinates public social work programs.
  • Department of Justice
    Administers all levels of the police force, executes the law, and operates the penitentiary system.

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